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Brand Identity

KG is a Professional Branding Center helping business in creation of Corporate Brand Identity (Logo), Letterhead, Business Card, Envelope, ID Card etc; also Retouching Services of brand building to get a creative & Interactive Brand Design rooted in Client’s culture.  We @KG execute in detail and with personal touch every brand we work on; also provide the highest quality Graphic Designs covering entire business needs; not a fairy tale, no role for satire, allegory or hyperbole!


The kind of stationery used differ from company to company basis it’s nature of business, but we @KG are well versed and quite proficient in providing their end to end marketing needs, be it any kind of matter or material!

Marketing Collaterals

Illustrator is the tool which our Team mostly use to get better print effect, be it marketing, ad material or any other.  Brochures are a cornerstone to any business and we accomplish it in perfect/ catchy style.  Your business is unique.  We will use our knowledge, creativity and graphic design experience to create beautiful layout & design for the marketing collaterals that demonstrate uniqueness of your company and communicate effectiveness of your message!


At the heart of every successful campaign is Graphic and Visual Design, that understands your company, your customers and your objectives.  In promotion specific designs, the possibilities are endless, that’s the challenge that brings out our Best and it always gives message that makes you stand out among your competitors!

Product Packaging

The visual impact of professional quality Graphic Design in every marketing resource is important to the success of any person, business or organization.  Our goal is to understand your products and services, as well as what you need!

Graphic and Illustration

Choose the service that’s right for you.  KG is the popular creative graphic design Hub with expertise in designing all kinds of graphics, illustration and artworks, providing a broad range of services.  Through proper and communicative designs, our creative Team will deliver the best possible impact of your brand!


Our creations exemplify creativity as it’s the formulation of different thinking and contextualization to the particular item/ situation/ scenario, very well harmonized.  With a big event around the corner, you need to get the word out most appropriately by an apt and appealing invitation.  We @KG are always at your disposal!


Illustrator and InDesign are the tools that go hand in hand for the Team in making of the best Magazines and News Letters.  We strive to bring identity of each design or layout to life by creating the best design experiences your customers will fall in love with.  At KG we are committed towards achieving high level of customer satisfaction by ensuring quality, cost effective and timely solutions.  It would be our endeavor to achieve this with technical, financial, business and moral excellence!

Digital Design

For all kinds of digital designs related to Poster or Image, the appropriate tool our Team find is Photoshop, considering it’s ideality in every sense and ease.  The posters come superlative due to the diligent attitude and boldness of our Team to take up challenges, trying innovative ideas into the Best Communicative Designs!